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Meer's is a different account and consulting firm. We want to be part of your family and look at your business holistically and find answers that meet your hopes and dreams.

With 17+ years in the food industry accounting, I can fine-tune your restaurant, bar, and events in 90days.  

I am not just a food industry accountant I love helping all small business entrepreneurs.  Let's change the accounting formula to Sales - Profits = Expense the new norm.  If you need accrual and cost accounting you have found the right accountant.


Meer’s mission is to help you take your business to the next level.  With the use of top cloud accounting software that will enhance small business owners’ financial position while giving them tools to drive revenue and the confidence to make strategic decisions with an eye toward future growth.

Analysing the Numbers


Personal Financial Coaching

One-hour sessions that will help you get on the right track to FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE.  Did you know that 66% of Americans cannot handle a $1000 emergency?  If you are having trouble just paying for the four basic needs Home, Food, Transportation, and Clothing then a Financial Coaching Session may be what you need.  Build habits that will stay with you, gain confidence that you can control your finances, and even master that budget.  Budgeting normally takes 90 days to get the hang of it.  I offer sessions based on your needs.

Taxes & Tax Planning

I participate in the 2019 Annual Filing Season Program through the IRS.  We can help with your individual, small business, and/or tax planning.

Cannabis Accounting Services

Cannabis accounting requires that you follow strict laws based on the type of business you are doing.  You need a team to include Accounting Professional, lawyers, HR, and compliance personnel to be successful in this industry.  I offer cost and accrual accounting.  I keep up with the latest IRS audits in an effort to keep you compliant. 

Outsource Chief Financial Officer

An Outsourced CFO is a financial expert who provides financial strategy services on a part-time or project basis. An Outsourced CFO can also help a company resolve challenges such as cash flow issues, watch and manages your margins and educate other top-level executives on what it means, implementing more efficient systems, or preparing for growth. Having an interim or part-time CFO focus on the money, 

allows the rest of your team to focus on growing the business and taking care of your customers.


One of the cornerstones of our service is providing business owners with accurate, up-to-date meaningful financial reporting.  Cash Flow, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Retained Earning.  Non-Finacial Reports can give you more information to help you develop budgets, advertising, and POS information are just some examples.

Bookkeeping Services

Accounts Receivable -Prepare invoices and/or statements, receiving payments, posting deposits. We will review your accounts receivable aging on a regular basis to keep you apprised of slow paying customers.  Accounts Payable - Entering your vendor invoices as bills on a daily basis, and preparation of a weekly vendor payment checks for printing.  Oversees the monthly and quarterly closing process so that accurate, high-quality financial statements can be generated.



Contact us to see how our accounting expertise and personalized services can save you time, money, and frustration with managing your finances.

370 Lakewood Rd.
Branson, Taney County 65616


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